Favourite (market)places

My personal favourites

The best weekly market in Frankfurt

“Erzeugermarkt” at the Konstablerwache –build your basis for a healthy diet

Thursday, 10am to 8pm

Saturday, 8am to 5pm

At Hesse´s largest farmer´s market you will be able to experience the vast variety of foods the region has to offer. Regional farmers bring all that´s needed for a healthy lifestyle to Frankfurt and gourmets from everywhere come together. Nowhere else you will find such a display of tradition, variety and regional and seasonal foods. Not only shopping at the Erzeugermarkt is good for the environment, fully ripe fruits and vegetables also contain the highest amount of vitamins and many essential phytochemicals. Taste and the positive impact on one´s health are important reasons to buy local products. The longer a product is transported to its destination, the more questionable its quality and nutritional value becomes.

Local products only have to cover a short distance until we purchase them and are most often grown outdoors and cultivated under the best possible conditions. Different studies have proven that regional fruit and vegetables contain significantly smaller amounts of pesticides than the same products from abroad.

Healthy Food @ Frankfurt

Elaine´s Deli Frankfurt am Main

The perfect destination for a short trip. Located in the city centre, stylish atmosphere and a touch of New York next to the Taunus Tower. High-quality,  well-combined food all in a little piece of countryside in the middle of Frankfurt truly is an enriching experience.

Vevay  – Vegan Restaurant in the City Centre

 Vevay, short for Vegetarian, Vegan, Yummy, has been offering fast, healthy and sustainable alternatives to food we´re used to since its opening in 2015. Located at the Willy-Brand-Platz, Vevay focuses on high quality and freshness. The majority of the dishes is made using ingredients produced in sustainable agriculture by local farmers.

Bonnie´s Tip: The Protein Bowl with black beans spaghetti, avocado, smoked tempeh, mungo beans salad, sweat potatoes, mangetouts and roasted hemp seeds.