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Competitive sports

Entrance test preparation

Many children, adolescents or adults are living the dream of being a competitive athlete. Young talents can be found in various disciplines. On a regular basis, entrance tests are scheduled in order to select new talents for the teams of the state. In most disciplines, head and state coaches are the ones to make suggestions for the next team.

Bonnie gets competitive athletes in shape for all tests and helps building a basis for a successful career in competitive sports.

Athletic Training

Athletic training improves your overall performance and has been gaining popularity recently as it has makes a huge difference in only a short amount of time. Athleticism includes the basic sporting and physical activities. Athletic ability means being able to use your body in the way you intend to, conserving power and being able to delivering your best possible performance. With all her experience. Bonnie will show you the exercises that suit your goals and situation the best.

Finding the right balance

Additional to his or her specific discipline, every competitive sportsman needs another workout – even Olympic athletes. Randomly exploring other sports may widen one´s horizon but does not result in a better performance. Bonnie supports athletes in finding a systematic approach focused on improving their performance in the long-run.


  • Improved physical fitness
  • Better body control
  • Better results in competitions
  • Injury prevention
  • Avoiding muscle shortening

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