Personal Training times 2


Couples and Friends

You can work out with your partner, friend or co-worker. The program includes a varied range of warm-up exercises, flexibility, physical strength and an exciting workout. Additionally, you are given an extra portion of attention and motivation by your partner or friend.

Your Benefits

Saving money

By attending your personal training together, you save more than € 44 every session. You do not have to purchase two separate units at full price. This results in working out with a partner not only being up to 25% more effective but being significantly more priceworthy, too.


Many couples spend lots of time separated due to their jobs and other obligations. A scheduled workout routine with a personal trainer is a possibility to secure some quality time together as partners outside each ones duties and activities throughout the week.

Discipline and Responsibility

Sticking to your workout routine is easier when you have a partner to train with This motivation is possibly the most important aspect of training together. Knowing that you have an appointment on a particular date helps you with not missing out on a single workout.

Personal Training – double benefit

No matter whether you have already been physically active or stand at the very beginning, Bonnie will develop a fully individual program that addresses your needs both as individuals and as a couple. Do you want to go for extensive walks during your next vacation or are you making plans for a hiking holiday? Are you expecting a baby and want to feel ready both mentally and physically? Your personal trainer will take into account everything that is going on in your life and come up with a plan with which you will achieve your goals.

Examples of Personal Training Highlights


  • Muscle building and body-shaping
  • Weight reduction and body-lifting
  • Endurance
  • Flexibility
  • Nutrition
  • Health Training

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