Stone Age is calling

Paleo – the Ancient Diet

Paleo differs from western eating habits and is oriented towards a most natural way of living.

The idea behind the concept is eating whole foods such as meat, fish, seafoods, eggs, vegetables, fruit, nuts, healthy fats and oils while avoiding processed and refined products.

An optimised metabolism, long-term ideal weight, strengthened immune system, healthier digestive system, better skin and a new vitality may be the results. Paleo has a positive impact on your quality of life and gives you the ability to deliver your top performance. Do not miss out on the opportunity to benefit from Bonnie´s knowledge as a experienced personal trainer and diet coach.

Bonnie will further give you advice concerning the following issues:

  • Performance
  • Weight loss
  • Auto-immune diseases
  • Blood sugar regulation
  • Healthy digestive system
  • Healthy thyroid
  • Multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue
  • Nervous system
  • Healthy hear
  • Recovery after cancer