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Personal Training on a regular basis has a positive impact on various physical functions

  • Psyche: Improved wellbeing, anti depressant effects and stress relief
  • Cardio-vascular system: lower resting heart rate and improved oxygen supply
  • Musculoskeletal system: Stronger bones and muscles
  • Endocrine system: Lower blood pressure, decreased stress hormone production, better recovery
  • Metabolism: better insuline sensitivity, prevention of diabetes type 2, better fat burning, lower cholesterine level

Based on these scientifically proven effects, Bonnie has developed an exclusive Personal Training  programme.


If you are looking for a change in your style of living, an experienced and commited personal trainer and an opportunity to get fit, the Six-Weeks-Programme is for you. What you get are three hours of private training a week and a total of 18 hours full body workout. Every unit starts off with a short warmup, followed by mobility training, after which you´ll feel prepared to tackle anything.


This programme is ideal for those who aim at burning the last few kilos of fat or want to get in shape for a special event. The 4-Weeks-Fast-Track-Programme includes 5 days of personal training per week, making it highly intensive. You will be guided through a custom schedule that varies from week to week.


The Flex-Programme fulfills the needs of people on business trips, models and actors temporarily staying at Frankfurt, students and mothers raising kids. Bonnie will make sure your training is individually adapted to your personal life. The key point: You choose how frequently you attend your training, guaranteeing a stress free workout experience.


Many women experience back pain, lack of energy and sleepless nights while their body prepares for giving birth. A personal training and nutrition plan can help tackle these issues. Bonnie prepares mothers by developing workout and diet plans , building the base for a healthy, happy pregnancy. As soon as the child is born, the training is aimed at losing the extra weight and building up self-confidence. With her know how as a post-natal Personal Trainer, Bonnie will help accelerating your recovery and getting you fit for your new life as a mother.



Every bride wans to shine on their wedding day. Bonnie ist the leading Personal Trainer for Brides in the Rhein-Main-area. Whether you want to be in perfect shape for the dress, aim at a beach body for your honeymoon or just want to be in top form before your wedding, Bonnie will create a fitness plan that works for you. Before making the big Stepp into marriage, you have the chance to take an extra step towards a healthier and happier future! Bonnie will guide you on that path, as you may loose track training alone or with conventional training methods. The wedding dress training, being highly effective, is adjusted to every brides individual needs and helps them achieving their top form until the big day.


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